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About Us

Suzette Lempitsky, LMT

  • “My experience with Peace At Hand has been very important in my life.   I have found Suzette's touch and mannerisms to be very caring and genuine.  My life has evolved to needing the grounding touches, and the understanding that she provides.  I am grateful [for] ...her attention [to] my personal needs.   [I am] Grateful to be a client.” ~Robyn G., Shelburne Falls, MA

Humans have been rubbing away hurts since the dawn of time, long before medications came onto the market.  The concept of massage was recorded over 4700 years ago.  These recordings came from China, Greece, Rome, India, Hawaii, Native America and Egypt, just to name a few.
 In the present day, massage therapy has become a blending of science and art.  Therapists are required to go through formal training here in the US, and most states require some form of certification or license in order to practice.  Along with hands-on massage training, most schools include Pathology, Kinesiology (study of body movement), Anatomy and Physiology and more. 

Most people who seek massage do so for pain or stress relief.  It is also been helpful to those who need to increase range of motion, recover faster from workouts, and to enhance their overall sense of well -being.  There is much research that is being conducted on massage therapy now.  Every day, science is proving what massage receivers and givers have known for years:  Massage FEELS good, and is GOOD for you! 

I graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2008, and have been practicing massage since I graduated.  I am certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers, licensed by the State of Arizona Board of Massage, and a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  I have worked in Connecticut in a private practice, day spa & my own practice until 2011 when my family & I relocated to AZ.  In Arizona I have worked in a chiropractic office, a physical Therapy practice, an elite resort spa and now my own massage studio in Glendale, AZ.

It is very important to me to keep my skills fresh and updated for my clients’ benefit, and I LOVE to learn!  Some workshops I have taken are:

Understanding Fibromyalgia and Massage
Hot Stone Therapy
Specific Neck Massage
Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage
Introduction to Quantum Touch
Raindrop Technique
Facial Rejuvenation and SkinCare
Japanese Zen Facial
Body Treatment Basics
Traditional Thai Massage

And many more! 

I love what I do and look forward to meeting many new clients, who, hopefully, become life-long lovers of massage! 


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